The Big 4-0!

Today is Friday, the 9th of September 2011.  FORTY years ago, my mother-in-law gave birth to a little baby boy, who would twenty-four (or so) years later become my husband.  I am so thankful for this fact!

   This time of year always takes me back to when Brian and I first started dating ( it was either late August or early September, I wasn’t one of those girls who kept track of things like that).  We were both working at St. Louis Children’s Hospital when he asked me if I wanted to go to the zoo and then get pizza afterward.  Back in those days we listened to REM, The Black Crows, and The Eagles ALOT.  We were pretty much inseparable.  Thinking back to those times always puts a smile on my face.  We’ve now lived together longer than we have lived separately (does that make sense?).  I cannot imagine what my life would be without him in it… and THAT makes total sense to me.

In the tradition of Pedro, “I built him a cake” for his birthday.  Sure, the cake could look better, but I used the secret ingredient.  And I think most things homemade taste better anyway. 

Brian, I hope that you enjoy your day.  You deserve all things good today.  I admire and love you more than words can say!  You are always there for me and always unconditional, You’re The Best!!  (I also love that when you sing, you sometimes sound like Kermit the frog) 

Happy 40th, Bri, I love you.



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2 responses to “The Big 4-0!

  1. Andy


    I love that picture.

  2. Happy Birthday, Brian!!!

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